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Today will be a bit more challenging than Monday and Tuesday – we are going to look at the column method with exchanging in subtraction! 

The PowerPoint below will show you some pictorial versions first before moving onto more abstract examples that use place value grids. 


Once you have worked through the examples, choose a suitable activity and get started! 

As always, you can change to a different challenge should you need to – try to aim for 10 questions in total!


Place value grids have been attached for you to print out and use below.


Today you will be looking at different types of sentences. 

There is a PowerPoint for you to work through with an adult - how many different types of sentences can you come up with?


For the worksheet, you could either do it at the end of the PowerPoint or as each box comes up on the slides. 

Be as creative (but sensible!) as you can! 


Have fun!


Normally, you would have had Mr Woollard for French today. 

How many of the activities below can you complete?


For PE today, see if you can create an obstacle course with an adult.

What is the fastest time you can complete it in – you could even challenge your adult to a race! 


Feel free to send in videos or pictures of the course you create!