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English - Non-chronological reports

Our English lesson today is based on fact retrieval and word meaning when reading.


Follow the instructions from the video- remembering to pause and complete the activities when asked to. Use the 'next activity' or green dots at the bottom of the page to navigate through.


Remember to add to your magpie page as you watch the video.


After completing your task - resume the video for feedback to self mark and edit your work before uploading on seesaw. Mrs Blake has also included the rest of the text after the spellings. This is so you can finish the extract you have started reading.


If you have any questions or technical issues, send us a message wither via email or on seesaw.


Enjoy a game of bingo with someone t home using your i before e except after c spellings. Mrs Blake has made you a game card but you could make smaller game cards with just three spellings on each board so more people can play.



Today's lesson is based on scaling. We looked at scaling a few months ago, you should remember the Great British Bake Off activity.


Scaling means to look at an amount or a measurement size and make it a fraction or a percentage bigger or smaller. When we completed the fruit salad activity, we needed 3 apples to make the dish for 6 people. If we wanted to make fruit salad for 3 people instead, we would need 50% less apples. We divided  apples by 1/2 and that left us with 3 apples.


1. Read through the learning reminders to help you remember. It uses a scale model of Hogwarts as an example. To make the model, Hogwarts needs to be 1/10 of the actual size. We therefore need to divide each of the measurements by 10 to find the correct sizing. 

2. Choose your level of challenge. For each challenge you are still looking for 1/10 of the original size. 

3. Have a go at the investigation.



Foundation: PSHE


Read through the Powerpoint to find out about the importance of exercise with healthy food choices. You can also do some research for yourself.


We would like to either design a poster to encourage people to exercise and explain why it is so important, or send a video message via Seesaw to convince your teacher of it's importance.