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Today we will be looking at subtracting fractions with the same denominators.


Follow the link named ‘BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson’ and watch the video on the webpage – make sure you discuss anything you do not understand with an adult. 


Once you think you understand, have a go at activity one and check your answers using the answer sheet provided. 

After this, play the subtracting fractions game which can either be found at the bottom of the bitesize page or as a link below which will take you to the game directly. 


Once again, there is an extension sheet for those of you who would like to push yourselves that little bit further. 

Times Tables

For the rest of this week, we would like you to practise your 3, 4 and 8 times tables.  We have found some great songs today for you to sing along to and the links can be found below. Be sure to upload your karaoke videos to Seesaw! (Remember to get your parent/carer's permission to use You Tube)


If you have been practising your times tables on TT Rockstars and feel you are now ready for the next one, please get your parent/carer to email us and we will happily allocate you a new one to learn!


If you have a full version of Fantastic Mr Fox (book, e-book or animated film) it would be great if you could finish the story before starting today's lesson. If not, you can read the summary of what happens in the rest of the story (it is included in the PDF document below). Then you will plan, using a story curve, your own story! If you are feeling confident once it is written, you could record yourself reading your story aloud and upload to Seesaw for your teacher to watch! It would make our day!