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Today's English is based on Newspaper reports which you should know lots about.


The first section involves you reading three different articles before choosing one to focus on. Have a read through of the key features and then see if you can find them in your chosen report. If you've printed the article out, underline where these things are. 


For the second section, you need to answer questions about the article.  Discuss your answers with a grown up.


For the third section, you will be asked to plan and write a newspaper report. You are a newspaper writer and you have been sent a picture showing pigs flying through the air. As a reporter, what information do you think your readers need to know? What havoc have these animals caused? Try and remember all of your key features.


We would love to put some of your newspaper articles on the website (with your grown up's permission of course) so please email them to us.


We're going to take a break from MyMaths so make sure you check on here everyday for your work.


Ignore the date at the top of the page, it is still today's work. The work will look very similar to how your English is set out. You can choose to print the whole document or work in your book instead. 


Today's work is based on subtracting large numbers. The pack comes with some helpful reminders but you may also want to use the posters provided. There are next steps available if you wanted to move onto the reasoning questions. 

Foundation - Art

The powerpoint provided tells you information about a famous painter called Monet who Impressionism in his paintings. What do you think the word impressionism means? If you're not sure, what do you think the word impression means? Look carefully at the way that Monet creates images with his brush strokes. How does this compare to Pointilism? Choose one of Monet's pictures on the powerpoint or search for another on Kiddle. Recreate the painting using pencils, paint or crayons.  Remember, we would love to see your finished pictures.