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English - diary entry lesson 5

Our English lesson today combines your skills from the week to plan and write a diary entry. 


Follow the instructions from the video- remembering to pause and complete the activities when asked to. Use the 'next activity' or green dots at the bottom of the page to navigate through.


Remember to add to your magpie page as you watch the video - these details will really help you when you write your own piece.


Refer to the worksheet element of the website as here you will find a list of idioms, a table of question tags and details regarding the structure and key features.


Whilst writing your diary, think about all the elements you have worked on and the WAGOLL's you have read. See below for the success criteria set by Mrs Barr.


After completing your task, take Mrs Barr's advice and edit your piece of writing - just like Anne Frank did.  Then resume the video for feedback to self mark and edit your work before uploading on seesaw.


If you have any questions or technical issues, send us a message wither via email or on seesaw.



Your spelling test will happen during your English lesson video with Mrs Barr today. Remember to ask someone at home to test you on your two extra words which you have chosen to make your spelling list up to 10.


If you got some spellings wrong, identify where these are wrong to help you next time. These will be the first spellings on your list for next week.


Today we will be look at 2D shapes and their lines of symmetry. Think about what the word symmetry means, and how it is related to the word symmetric. To find one line of symmetry in a shape, I should be able to draw a line through my shape and find that each side of a correct reflection of the other. 


1. Read through the Powerpoint and stop at page 8. Cut the shapes on the folding activity sheet and fold them to find the different lines of symmetry. Remember, reflections do not show the same shape in the exact same way. But when you fold the shapes, you should find that your sides meet other.

2. Choose your level of Challenge from the two worksheets below. You can use a small mirror if you have one, if not a ruler. Alternatively, you could print another copy of the page so you can cut and fold the shapes. If you would normally choose 3 Stars, can you explain to me why some shapes do not have any more lines of symmetry? Be as mathematical as you can.

Foundation: PSHE


Read through the Powerpoint to find out about the rules of food manufacturing. When a product is on the shelf, it has to be labelled correctly so that customers know exactly what they are buying. Why do you think this is really important? How many different reasons can you think of?


Design a snack that you can manufacture. It could be something brand new or it could be two existing products mixed together. For example, a chocolate banana. If possible, try to do some research into what the label would look like. You can guess but try to be realistic. Don't suggest that anything that has chocolate in has no sugar at all! You can design the front and back of the packet as well, as long as we can see the label.