The Tyrrells School

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Please see the attached PDF file for your English task today. Read 'Hunted' and then answer the unanswered questions based on the text. Please answer in full sentences. These questions will encourage you to make some assumptions. Be creative but realistic to the text.


After that, use the storyboard to help you write a prequel to the story. A prequel tells us what happened before the events of Hunted took place. Your story board should include some of your answers from the previous activity. 


Remember that you can take a picture of your work and send it to us by email. We would love to see them.



Please see your MyMaths account for today's maths task. Complete the lesson before attempting the homework. Remember you can use your book for workings. We will monitor results online.


You must remember to log out of your portal and then log out of MyMaths - otherwise your results might not be sent to us.


Today you will be adding and subtracting decimals. Think about our success criteria for  when we completed our addition and subtraction unit. Do we need to line up our columns? Do we need to remember to exchange or carry? Use a pencil and your workbook to complete your workings before putting your answers into the computer. 

Foundation - art

Can you design and create a rainbow to be displayed in a window of your home which is visible to other people?

Please see the PowerPoint for details. 

Be as creative as you can with resources you have at home.

If you and your family go out for a walk in your local area - see how many rainbows you can spot.

Reminder ...

Your two week project to persuade people to visit Bryher should be almost complete as it was due in this week. Just in case you have misplaced them, the details given out have been attached below.  We look forward to receiving photographs of your persuasive posters and leaflets.  You could go one step further and video your own advert - using your project as a script or prop!