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Today we will be looking at subtracting money! 


As before, click on the link named 'BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson' and watch the 2 video clips. 


Once you have done this, have a go at the worksheet named 'Activity 1 - Subtracting Money' and check your answers with the answer sheet provided. 


After this, click on the link labelled 'Activity 2' to access an online game to help you practise your subtraction skills. 

If this link does not work, please follow the TopMarks link from yesterday and continue with these games instead! 


If you are feeling confident, have a go at the problem solving and reasoning questions attached below! 


Have a good lesson! 


In today's lesson you will be identifying the features of an instructional text. As usual, you will start with a quiz to recap your learning so far.


A video lesson with Mr McGarry follows this - remember to make a note of the 'Word of the Day' so that you can use these in your own writing later this week. You should also pay close attention to the 'ou' spellings that feature each day as you will be tested on these in Friday's lesson.


Clicking 'Next Activity' will then take you to today's Worksheet. In case this link doesn't work, we have added it separately below. 



Today we would like you to read your book to someone different! This could be a pet, cuddly toy or over a video call with a relative. Photos on Seesaw would be lovely!