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Use the Look, Cover, Write, check method with your able suffix spellings.  How many can you get right?

Look - look at the first word, identify the tricky part.

Cover - place your hand or an object over the  first spelling so you can't see it.

Write - write down the first spelling word from memory.

Check - uncover the word and check to see if you have got it right - remember to check each letter. If you haven't got it right, underline the part where you have muddled letters to help you next time.

Repeat for each of your spellings - one at a time. Don't forget to include your two spellings of your own!


Today the focus of our English lesson is to identify the features of a character description.  Make sure you have your Magpie Page ready!!


1) Complete the ''Introductory Quiz' by applying your grammar skills. There is a glitch in the system so it will not allow you to click more than one answer for each of the questions. Instead, complete the activity twice so you can select different answers each time to see if you chose the correct answers.  Remember to view your score and review your answers.


2) Watch the video clip.  There is lots of ambitious vocabulary to add to your Magpie Page!  Follow the video carefully and actively take part in the lesson.  


3) Using the text provided, can you label the features identified within the text? Either print the activity sheet from below or copy the numbers and label with the correct feature.



4) Remember to resume the video to review your answers.  Self mark and edit in a different colour.


5) Complete the exit quiz. Again there is a glitch in the programming so only one answer can be submitted for question 1 rather than 2 answers.  Record your score at the bottom of your piece of work for today.


Today you will be looking at shapes and trying to estimate the volume. Remember that estimating means making an educated guess.


1. Look at the first image on the Powerpoint. The question asks you to find the volume but you can't see all of the blocks that are missing. They could all be missing or maybe just one or two are missing. What do you think the area of this shape could be?


2. Have a look at the first few questions on the Powerpoint. The first question is about  working out how many boxes can fit inside another box. Then finding the volume of the whole shape. Make educated guesses whilst looking at the size of the shapes carefully.  Maybe your answer won't always be perfectly correct, but with estimates it is far better to be close to the correct answer rather than far away from it. Remember that the question isn't asking how many boxes you can fit inside, it is asking you what the volume is.


3. Choose the Varied Fluency Challenge for you. Have a look at them all before making your decision. You may find the harder challenges easier. Then have a look at the Reasoning Challenges.


4. Mark your work by using the answers at the end of the sheet. 


Foundation: History

Today you will be finding out what everyday life was like for the Anglo-Saxons.


1. Read through the PowerPoint and watch the video links.

2. Read through the information sheets found in the packs.

3. Choose your worksheet to complete.


If completing Challenge A, answer the questions on the sheet.

If completing Challenge B, answer the questions in more detail.

If completing Challenge C, draw detailed pictures to help show the different aspects of Anglo-Saxon life.


There are a few extra activities which you may choose to try. There are a few Anglo-Saxon style recipes and a game.