The Tyrrells School

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Today try mirror writing with your spelling words. Write your word out as you normally would and then write it again backwards.

For example:    opportunity ytinutroppo 

Once you have written both words, check the first from left to right whilst checking the second from right to left. Are they the same?


Today we are revising similes and metaphors with poetry.

Firstly, read 'Hold Fast to Dreams'. What is the message in the poem? Read it slowly - thinking about each line.  What do you like about this poem? What patterns can you spot? Is there anything you dislike?


Use the revision cards and power point presentations (below) to remind yourself about metaphors and similes.  Follow the tasks in the power point presentations,  Then write a few sentences to explain the meaning of similes and metaphors. Can you identify any metaphors used in the poem?


Plan a poem called 'Life without Dreams'.  Use the 'Planning Frame' to help you. Write metaphors for a life without dreams and verbs that could show dreams ending.  Use the 'Ideas Sheet' or use your own.  


Choose your favourite ideas and see how they could fit together to create your own poem.



Today we would like you to answer word problems based on converting metric units of mass. I have copied over the important things to remember when completing word problems. Make sure you are confident about which operation to need to use to answer the question. 


Read - read through the question carefully before you answer it.

Understand - think about what the question wants you to find out. Do you need to find a total or                       do you need to find the difference? Underline the most important parts of the                                 question.

Choose - what do you need to do in order to answer the question? Do you need to add, subtract,                 divide or multiply? Does the question ask you to use more than one operation?

Solve - now that you have found your key information and you know what you need to do to find                 the answer, carefully complete the question.

Answer - remember that your answer should be in a full sentence. All the questions today use                   units of measure so it is really important to include this in our answer. For example, if the                 question is about kg then our answer needs to be in kg.

Check - we all make mistakes from time to time. Double check your answer by starting the whole               process again.  

Foundation: RE

Have a read through the RE PDF from below. Last week you looked at the Aum symbol in Hinduism and what that represented. Today you will be looking at the three aspects which make up Brahman. The first is Brahma, the creator. This represents the beginning of birth. The next is Visnu, the preserver. This represents life itself. Finally, there is Siva, the destroyer. This represents the end of life. 


We would like you to a draw a timeline of major events that happens in a person's life. You could choose to include things such as marriage, christening or any other religious events.