The Tyrrells School

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Today we will be looking at 3D shapes! 


Have a look through the PowerPoint first to help refresh your memory on the names of different 3D shapes and then it will be time to go on a 3D shape hunt! 


Have a look around your house, your garden or whilst on a walk (if it's not too wet!) and see how many different 3D shapes you can find. 


There is a worksheet below with a table on it - but please feel free to draw your own table in your exercise book instead of printing! 


There is no extension sheet for the lesson today as we will also need the knowledge we gain from the lesson tomorrow.


Have a good lesson! 


Today we would like you to carry out research for your own non-chronological report. It can either be on a pet of your choice (e.g. hamster, cat, bearded dragon) or a British garden creature of your choice (e.g. hedgehog, squirrel, bee).


You should use the internet to research the animal of your choice and think carefully about the subheadings you will use to organise your writing. At this stage you only need to write notes - tomorrow you will be writing your report in full. 


Below you can see some suggested sub-headings to help focus your research. There are also some web links to get you started. 

Useful Websites


This week our focus is on Homophones and Near Homophones. Today we would like you to learn the words using this handwriting practice activity. You are welcome to copy from your screen to your exercise book.