The Tyrrells School

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Today you will have a go at writing your own poem based on a special place for you. It could be a room in your house or somewhere outside your home. We would like you to start by thinking about why this place is so special to you. You can see some examples in the learning pack. Write down the reasons why this place is so special and try to use imaginative language as you go along. This will help you later. 

Next, we would like you to watch the following video. I have attached it at the bottom in case it does not load from the learning pack. He shows us different ways of using words to make our poems more interesting. Take notes of the techniques and try to include as many as possible later on. 

Finally, using everything you have learnt, turn your notes into a poem. The sentences you wrote earlier should build up most of the content but you don't need to rely solely on these. Read through the Developing the Poem page to find other ways you can improve your poem. We are looking forward to reading all about your special places. 


Today you will need to apply your multiplication skills from yesterday to answer questions based on money. This lesson also involves multiplying decimals as you will be working with pounds and pence. Choose the method from yesterday that you felt most comfortable with and use this to find your answers. Remember to be very careful with your place value digits. 
Foundation: French
This term in French we will be looking at school subjects. Many of you would have seen  visual timetables for the day in your classrooms over the years. We would like you to make your own visual timetable cards using the french translation and a picture to go with the subject.