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Today's lesson will have lots of options for you to choose from to ensure you have a suitable challenge. 


Once you have worked through the PowerPoint, you can choose between Activity One (which most of you will do) or, if you want that extra challenge, Activity Two! 


We haven't covered this in class before so please don't worry if it is difficult.

Attached is also an 'introduction' sheet. If you are finding Activity One difficult, have a go at this one instead. 


For those of you who complete either Activity One or Two and still want more of a challenge - have a look at the problem solving and reasoning sheet! 


Enjoy and just try your best! 


This week we are learning how to write explanation texts. Today we would like you to watch a very interesting science video by Maddie Moate which answers the question, 'How do bees make honey?'. We will warn you, while it is completely fascinating, it is also rather gross - enjoy!


Now watch the video for a second time. This time turn the subtitles on and make notes on the process. The subtitles aren't always accurate but they will still be very helpful. Remember you can also pause the video if you are struggling to keep up.


To help you with note making, we have attached a planning template that you can print or use as a guide for making notes in your exercise book. It also contains spellings for the technical vocabulary we would like you to include.


At this stage you do not need to be writing in full sentences, only in note form! Tomorrow you will be using your plans for the next stage. 



Our focus for this week is on: words with the short /u/ sound spelt 'ou'.