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Wednesday 1st April


Identifying Obtuse, Acute and Right Angles.


Today you will be carrying out another investigation around your home! 


First, have a look through the powerpoint - it will introduce you to the 3 types of angles we will be looking at today and give you the basis for your investigation!

Once you have done that, have a go at the fluency task and then move onto your investigation.


Remember, if you want that extra challenge, have a go at the extensions on the activities and the individual problem solving and reasoning sheet!


Have fun hunting angles!


Today we are delighted to present 'Monkey Symphony'! 

1. Watch with your parent/carer and then discuss the following:

- What did you like/dislike?

- Did it remind you of anything?

- Do you have any questions / are there any mysteries?

- What do the two chimps have in common and how are they different?

- How do we know the scene in the apartment is a flashback?



2. There is no dialogue in 'Monkey symphony' but we can imagine what the characters are saying to each other from their facial expressions, body language and actions. Your task is to write the speech between the three characters in the flashback scene only

Remember to use what you have already learnt this week:

- Inverted commas (speech marks) around the spoken words

- A capital letter at the start of the speech

- , ? or ! before the closing inverted commas

- New speaker = new line

- Use a variety of words for 'said' to avoid repetition