The Tyrrells School

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Today, you will be continuing with the column method for subtraction BUT instead of using place value grids, you will be using the squared paper below (or your maths homework books)!


Refresh your memory from yesterday before moving onto today’s layout using the PowerPoint below before choosing an appropriate challenge. Remember, if the challenge you choose is too easy or too difficult, you can change! Try your best to complete 10 questions! 


Today you will be looking at past and present tense, learning how to identify and change between these tenses. 

Work your way through the PowerPoint below before attempting the worksheet. 


For those of you who enjoyed the warm-up activity, have a look at the 'Colour by word class' sheet below!


Using the YOGA poses we have learnt, can you come up with your own routine and lead a member of your family in a YOGA workout?


Look at the PowerPoint below to refresh your memories of the different ways we can shade objects.

There is an example on the last slide for you to look at. Can you see that the closer together the lines/dots, the darker the shading appears.


Using the worksheet attached, can you use a normal HB writing pencil to add shading to the Egyptian vase? 

Do a second one but this time, use a coloured pencil of your choice.