The Tyrrells School

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Foundation - Art @10am

It's time to draw-a-long with Rob! The draw-a-long is live at 10am, however the video will be added to the website if you would prefer to draw at a different time.

Pop a photo of your completed picture on Seesaw so we can see your great drawings!  Remember that once you have the outline of your drawing, you can adapt it to develop your own personal style.

English - Instructions lesson 5

Our English lesson completes our unit on instructions from Oak National Academy. You will combine your skills from last week to plan and write instructions about how to capture a dragon. 


Follow the instructions from the video- remembering to pause and complete the activities when asked to. Use the 'next activity' or green dots at the bottom of the page to navigate through.


Remember to add to your magpie page as you watch the video and then use all these ideas in your writing.


The 'Worksheet' element of the lesson has lots of useful details to help you. These include a WAGOLL, a list of adverbials and number, imperative verbs, adverb word bank and the success criteria.


After completing your task - resume the video for feedback to self mark and edit your work before uploading on seesaw.


If you have any questions or technical issues, send us a message wither via email or on seesaw.


Success Criteria:


Your spelling test will happen during your English lesson video. Remember to ask someone at home to test you on your two extra words which you have chosen to make your spelling list up to 10.


If you got some spellings wrong, identify where these are wrong to help you next time. These will be the first spellings on your list for next week.



Today you will be adding and subtracting 1,10,100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 from given numbers. This requires us to use our understanding of place value. We need to know which column we are adding/subtracting from, and we need to know how this might effect other numbers. For example, we may need to exchange from another column. 


1. Read through the learning reminders. After a number has been added/subtracted, the changed place value column appears in red. Look carefully to see how this number has changed. 

2. Choose your level of Challenge for today.

Little Bit Stuck: this is a two player game. Print off the number cards, cut them out and put them face down. On a piece of paper, write the number 55,555. Take turns at picking up a card and changing your number based on what the card says. Keep taking it in turns until you run out of cards. Do you have the same number as your partner?

Mild: Follow the addition and subtraction questions on the sheet. Show your workings please.

Hotter: Follow the addition and subtraction questions on the sheet. Show your workings please.

Mark your answers using the answer sheet given.

3. Have a go at the investigation.


We have attached a place value grid, which you may wish to use. If you have a whiteboard at home, copy of place value grid onto it so that you can use it time and time again. Otherwise, write your numbers small enough so that you can use the grid for the entire sheet. 

Foundation: Science


1. Read through the Powerpoint to find out about materials which keep things cool. Think about the differences between a thermal conductor and a thermal insulator. Have a go at the quiz to test your knowledge. 

2. You have been asked to design a lunchbox which has a material inside it to make the lunch cool. You will need to plan and test different materials to see which one would work best. Discuss with your grown up which materials you have at home that you could use. For example, tin foil. You might want to choose some materials that you know will not keep the ice cold.

3. Answer the planning questions from your chosen challenge of choice.

4. Fill a container with ice cubes and wrap your material around it. Check the temperature before the experiment and then every five minutes afterwards. Fill in your table as you work.

5. After you have completed your experiment, fill in the lunchbox report sheet to send back to the bag company. You will find to explain to them which material worked best and why. Try to be as scientific as possible. There are key words which we will be looking to see in your writing.