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Please see the attached PDF document for your English task today. You will find a task to read aloud and a tenses task to complete - there are revision cards if you need them. Then write about what the shepherds get up to next by using past tense. Can you also include present tense in your direct speech? If you are unable to print out the sheets, please complete this in your exercise book. 

After the English tasks, there are some optional activities too.


Please see your MyMaths account for today's maths task. Complete the lesson before attempting the homework. Remember you can use your book for workings. We will monitor results online.


You must remember to log out of your portal and then log out of MyMaths - otherwise your results might not be sent to us.


Look carefully to see whether you are rounding to the nearest whole number or the nearest one decimal place. Which whole number is closest to the number you have? Is it closest to the whole number that comes before it or after it on the number line? Just remember, we look at the place value column to the right to see if we round up or down, and we use the number 5 to help us do this.


After you have completed the MyMaths, you could then play a game from the website below. Answer the rounding questions correctly for the chance to score penalty shootouts.

Foundation - French

Can you create a noticeboard to display outside a French café? Include pictures of the food as well as the French vocabulary for each food or drink.

Foundation - PE

You are to create a brand-new sport. Your work must include the following:

· The name of your sport- make it exciting!!!

· Posters promoting the new sport with a logo.

· A rule book, which must explain how the game is played, how it is won, anything players can     and/or can’t do and the consequences. What else may you need to include?

· Kit designs and styles, which may include protection if it is dangerous!

· Pitch/court markings and dimensions.

· Equipment – draw these out – They could even be a brand-new item that has not been invented   yet?

· Drills to help coach new players when training.