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Today, we will be looking at adding money! 


Just like yesterday, click on the link named 'BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson' and watch the 2 videos. 


Once you have done this, have a go at the worksheet named 'Activity 1 - Adding Money' below. Don't forget to check your answers with the answer sheet provided!


After this, follow the Activity 2 link directly from the BBC Bitesize webpage. If the link does not work for you, why don't you have a go at some of the money games on TopMarks instead. You can find the link below! 


Don't forget to have a go at the extension questions should you feel like that extra challenge! 


This week we are learning about instruction texts.


Today the focus is on comprehension and word meaning.


Remember to get yourself a pen and paper/exercise book ready before you begin.


You can find everything you need for today's lesson here:





Today we would like you to be predictors!


We would like you to predict what will happen next in your book based on what you have read so far. Depending on where you are up to in your book, you may be making your prediction just from the book jacket (and blurb) or from the pages/chapters you have already read. 


When making your prediction be sure to explain why you think what you do, sharing the clues you have had so far.


We would love to read your predictions on Seesaw!