The Tyrrells School

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Foundation - Art @10am

It's time to draw-a-long with Rob! The draw-a-long is live at 10am, however the video will be added to the website if you would prefer to draw at a different time.

Pop a photo of your completed picture on Seesaw so we can see your great drawings!  Remember that once you have the outline of your drawing, you can adapt it to develop your own personal style.


Today our English lesson consists of a reading comprehension task based upon word meanings in a character description.  Make sure you have your Magpie Page readdy.


1) Complete the ''Introductory Quiz'. Remember to view your score and review your answers.


2) Watch the video clip. Follow the video carefully and actively take part in the lesson by following the texts and answering the questions. Add to your Magpie Page during the video - both the word of the day and any exciting / new vocabulary.  



3) From the slides, read the two pages of text then answer the 6 questions which follow.  Remember to refer back to the text.  


4) Remember to resume the video to review your answers. Self mark and edit in a different colour.


5) Complete the exit quiz. Can you score 3 out of 3? Record your score at the bottom of your piece of work for today.


Your spelling task is within your English lesson today. Look at your spellings. Identify the root word for each spelling. Then look to see if the root word has been changed or whether able has been added to the end without changes. Classify your spellings into two groups - those with changes to the root word and those without changes. How have the root words been changed in some words? What letters have been removed? Can you identify any patterns?  Which need extra special focus when applying the able suffix?


Today you will be taking yesterday's counting the volume lesson and move onto comparing two different shapes.


Make sure you look carefully to see the volume of both shapes. 


Complete the Varied Fluency questions and then the Reasoning questions.


Make sure your reasoning sentences are explained clearly. 

Foundation- History

Today you will learning about Sutton Hoo. 

1. Read the Powerpoint to find out what Sutton Hoo is.

2. What do you think was found in Sutton Hoo? What do you think this tells us about the people buried there?

3. Have a look at the object cards. 

4. Choose one of the challenge sheets. Using the object cards, explain what type of people you think were buried there.


For Challenge A, answer the questions listed and then think of three questions which will help you find out more.


For Challenge B, answer the questions and give a reason behind your answer.


For Challenge C, give a detailed reason based on what you know about three different objects.


Have a go at the extension.