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Today we will be revising how to multiply 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers. 


Click on the following link 'BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson' to watch a short video clip which explains how you may wish to attempt today's lesson.  


Once you have done this, have a look at the interactive MyMaths activity which can also be found on the same link. 

Should that not work, below is another link named 'Activity 1 - MyMaths Interactive Lesson' which will take you directly to the required page. 


Finally, have a go at activities 2 and 3 which are attached at documents below!

Activity 3 contains some problem solving and reasoning elements - each sheet gets harder so have a look at the three pages in the Activity 3 document and decide which page would give you the most suitable challenge! 


We look forward to seeing how you get on! 




We hope you enjoyed yesterday's poetry lesson from Oak National Academy.  Today we are using their resources again and this time the focus is on inference questions.


The first activity is a recap quiz to test what you remember from yesterday's lesson!


Just as you did yesterday, you will need a pen and paper to make notes during the video lesson and complete the activities.


Here is the link you need to access all parts of the lesson:



Words with the long /ai/ sound spelt 'ey'.


hey, they, obey, grey, prey, whey, survey, convey, disobey, purvey


The decision is yours - how will you learn your spellings today?