The Tyrrells School

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Today you will be comparing, adding and subtracting the mass of different objects. 


Have a look through the PowerPoint first as this will run through how to answer the questions and the different methods you will need! 

Once you have done this, choose a worksheet that you think would be a suitable challenge for you. The 'Orange' worksheet should be suitable for most of you! 

Remember, if you choose a challenge that ends up being too easy or too difficult, you can change to a more suitable challenge without completing that sheet! 

As always, you are only expected to complete one challenge in total and not all three! 


All of the questions are labelled so if you can easily complete the work directly into your exercise book rather than print the sheets out! 


If you have enjoyed the lesson and still fancy a further challenge (particularly those of you in the Mastery Maths Group), have a look at the extension questions provided. 


All of the worksheets have answers included at the end of the document - so feel free to check your answers as you go along! 



Today your task is to perform the poem you rehearsed yesterday: 'Dragon Song'. Remember, if the whole poem is too tricky, just select your favourite stanza. Choose an audience - it can be a grown up at home or you could video call a family member. Whoever it is, ask them if they would be kind enough to provide feedback using the checklist below. You can then upload your audience feedback onto Seesaw. What score will you get out of 6? 


This week we are learning to spell words with the long /ay/ sound spelt ‘eigh’ as in ‘eight’ and 'ei' as in 'vein'. 


Complete the handwriting sheet below. You may want to have some calming music on while your work. We recommend Freya Ridings, Morcheeba and London Grammar. If you have your own artists you like to concentrate to, you can share your recommendations with your teacher on Seesaw.