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Foundation - Art @10am

Rob Biddulph is a writer and illustrator of books for children. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am he is broadcasting a draw a long video. Click the orange text at the top of the page to access the live session. Watch the video, pause when necessary and draw along with him to create your own version of his picture. This will be the 11th session - we don't know what we will be drawing yet!

Once you have finished, pop a picture up on Seesaw - we would love to see your creations!


There are also the video clips on his website of 10 previous sessions on the website.  If you would like to have a go at these too, feel free.  Miss Wood is going to try number 7!!


Today we are continuing with poetry. Firstly, read 'Golden Time' which is another poem by Joseph Coelho.  Use the 'Reflection Prompts' to think about the poem.  Which of Joseph Coelho's poems do you prefer and why?


Using the revision cards, revisit expanded noun phrases.


Read the poem 'Ruby Red Rings'. Read the poem twice, once to understand meaning and the second time to identify expanded noun phrases.


Complete 'Expanded Noun Phrases' task by identifying and recording the expansion for the given nouns.  In the space at the bottom of the sheet, can you explain the effect of using expanded noun phrases rather than just nouns? Refer to your reading book - how are expanded noun phrases used in fiction and what effect do they have?


Choose either 'Golden Time' or 'Red Ruby Rings' to perform. Use the 'Preparing to Perform' checklist to help you.


Perform your poem to an audience of your choice - this could be to a pet, family member in your home or by using technology to share with someone outside your home via telephone or video chat.


Today we would like you to look at short multiplication. When we multiplied a three or four digit number by one digit, we looked at three different methods. The first was the grid method. You can see examples of these in the 'A Bit Stuck' section of the learning pack. Then we looked at the ladder method and then the formal short multiplication method, which involves carrying your digits just like in formal addition. Today's work is a mixture of using estimation and formal multiplication methods. Look through the three different calculations given for each question. You need to show your workings out for each multiplication but we would like to clearly see your estimated answer and your final answer. Then have a go at the 'Check Your Understanding' questions.

Foundation - PE

Usually on a Tuesday, most of you would be enjoying a PE session. Mrs Anderson has found this great game based on Snakes and Ladders. You will need a dice and lots of energy!!  Either challenge someone at home to join in (brothers and / or sisters would be great) or challenge yourself to complete the game by yourself - this will be harder as you wont have chance to get your breath back before your next turn!

** If you don't have a dice, you could write the numbers one to six on sips of paper, shuffle them up and pick one at random. **