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Today we will begin looking at another feature commonly seen in shapes - vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines! 


Work your way through the PowerPoint as this should explain everything you need to know for the activity! 


As always, if you would like an extra challenge - have a look at the separately attached extension worksheet! 


Have a good lesson!


For the rest of this week, our focus will be on writing Explanation Texts. Explanation texts describe a process for example 'How Is Glass Recycled?' Or 'How Did The Egyptians Mummify Their Pharaohs?'.


Today we would like you to read this explanation text called 'How Do Flowering Plants Grow?'. Then we would like you to complete the 'Genre Features Checklist' below to find evidence that the Author has covered all of the success criteria for this type of text. 



Our focus for this week is on: words with the short /u/ sound spelt 'ou'.