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Tuesday 31st March


Using angles as a description of turns.


Today you will be learning how to identify (and even draw!) your own angles. 


Work your way through the PowerPoint first as this will give you examples of all the questions you will attempt on your worksheet. 

As always, feel free to sketch the diagrams into your exercise book or simply write the answer if you are unable to print off the sheet. 


If you're feeling confident, have a go at the extension questions too!


Direct Speech Punctuation

1. Watch this video introduction to correctly punctuating speech.

2. Ink Waster Warm-up Activity

How many different ways for 'said' can you write on a page in two minutes? On your marks...get set...GO!

Now you have finished, can you group your words by those with similar meanings e.g. highlight/underline synonyms for 'shouted' in orange, synonyms for 'whispered' in 'blue' etc. Did you think of any unusual words that you think no-one else will have thought of?


3. Now open the Direct Speech booklet below and have a go at the punctuation challenges on pages 3 and 4. (There is also a guide for parents included in this pack.)