The Tyrrells School

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Tuesday - Art & Design


In line with our 'animals including humans' Science topic, we would like you to create a animal page corner bookmark! If you enjoy it, please feel free to design your own! We look forward to seeing photos of them in your reading books! smiley

Wednesday - PSHE (World Ocean Day)


Tomorrow is World Ocean Day. In light of this, our remaining Topic lessons this week will be about water and oceans. 


Today's lesson is 'Ocean Animal for a Day'. 


If you could be an ocean animal for a day, what would you want to be?

Pick one you like and complete your research to enable you to answer the questions below. When you are finished, draw a picture of it. You can pretend to be that animal while you answer these questions:

  • What part of the ocean do you live in (near the surface, near the bottom, in a coral reef )?
  • What are your favourite things to eat (plants or animals)?
  • What animals are your predators (animals that might want to eat you)?
  • Are any animals your prey (what do you like to eat)?
  • What kind of shelter or protection do you like to have?
  • Do you use camouflage to protect yourself?

Thursday - PSHE (World Ocean Day)


To celebrate World Ocean Day today, we are going to be doing a practical Science experiment to answer the question: Can the ocean freeze?

Friday - PSHE (World Ocean Day)


To round off the week, we are going to learn about why sharks are awesome! Watch the video at then complete a shark comic (on the powerpoint below).