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Today you will be looking at certainty. What do you think the word certainty means? Can you think of some examples of when you have been certain or uncertain about something?

Read through the certainty cards. If you cut them out that would be great, otherwise make two lists in your book. Work out which of the cards are true and which are false. We did a similar activity when we looked at facts and opinions. 

Next, read through the adverbs of certainty sentences. Find the verbs in the sentences (remember this is the doing word), and the adverbs of certainty. Can you switch the certainty word but still have the sentence make sense? For example, 'I always complete my homework' can be changed into 'I definitely complete my homework'. Both sentences have the same amount of certainty. You could then have a switch around of the words or tense. 

Finally, using the adverbs of certainty words try to come up with between 6 and 10 sentences. You could use the certainty cards to give you some sentence ideas.


Today you will use the skills from yesterday to work out how much change you should receive after purchasing something. Start off by completing some the questions from the practice for all sheet. Figure out how much change you should have from using the various bank notes.


Next, choose between completing the mild or hot challenge. Both challenges involve estimating. Do you think estimating means working out the answer or making an educated guess? Use your rounding knowledge to help you estimate. If your number is very close to 50, the best thing to do when estimating answers is to round the number up to 50. Then put the questions in the less than or more than boxes. If you are stuck, refer to the bar model boxes to help you. There are also next steps available. 

Foundation - Geography

We know that water is re-used.  How do the water treatment works clean our water to make it safe enough to drink again?  Can you create a flow chart, instructions or information text about the process?

Foundation - Music

Ask your grown up what their favourite decade of music is. Do some research to find out what were the most popular bands/singers at the time. Can you perform your favourite song from this decade and maybe include a dance routine too? Your grown up will be very impressed.