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Today we will be looking at tenths! 


Follow the link below named 'BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson' and watch the video on the webpage. 

Remember to check with an adult if there is something you don't quite understand. 


Once you have done this, have a go at Activity 1, a worksheet which can be found below. Don't forget to check your progress by using the answer sheet that is also attached below!

Feel free to write the answers directly into your exercise books to avoid having to print the sheets. 


After this, have a go at Activity 2 which is an interactive animation. You can find this on the BBC Bitesize page or, alternatively, you can click on the Activity 2 link below to take you to the animation directly. 


For those of you who want an extra challenge - why don't you have a go at the extension sheet provided. 


Have a great lesson!



Your Oak National Academy virtual lesson comes from Mr Mac again today and this time the focus is on subordinating and coordinating conjunctions.


Can you remember some examples of coordinating conjunctions from your previous learning? (Hint - FANBOYS)


We look forward to seeing the sentences you write in this lesson using conjunctions!



Choose the 6 most important events that have happened in your story so far and turn them into a comic strip! Remember speech bubbles and summaries of the events under each picture. 


You can divide a page in your exercise book into 6 squares or you can print the template below.