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Today we will be looking at drawing on our skills from previous lessons to help give change.


For today's lesson, you will need to log onto MyMaths and complete the 'Introducing Money' lesson before attempting the task set. 

If you get some answers wrong, see if you can spot your mistake and correct it! 


For those of you wanting that extra challenge, please see the extension sheet attached below. 


We look forward to seeing how you do! 


In today's lesson we are going to focus on the use of adverbs in instructions.


Remember, you will need:

  • A pen or pencil
  • A piece of paper
  • A place to work free of distractions (where possible!)


The links you will need can be found below:


Today we would like you to summarise your book so far. Try to explain the events and describe the characters in no more than 3 sentences. If you are reading a non-fiction book at the moment, choose the three most interesting facts and write these in your own words.