The Tyrrells School

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Foundation - Art @10am

It's time to draw-a-long with Rob! The draw-a-long is live at 10am, however the video will be added to the website if you would prefer to draw at a different time.

Pop a photo of your completed picture on Seesaw so we can see your great drawings!  Remember that once you have the outline of your drawing, you can adapt it to develop your own personal style.


Can you write your try writing your spellings without a computer, pen/ pencil or piece of paper?  Could you use a thin layer of sand or flour on a tray and use your finger to trace out a trail of the word? Perhaps use a squirty sports topped bottle to spray the word on the ground? Have you got some magnetic letters you could use? Or some chalk to use outside?  We would love to see your wacky ways of learning your 8 able words and two personal spellings! Pop a picture up on Seesaw for us and we will create a gallery!

Whatever plan you come up with, please ensure an adult has given you permission and that you tidy up after yourselves!


Today our English lesson is focused on relative clauses and builds upon last week's lesson on parenthesis.  There is a song clip link below to warm your brains up!


1) Complete the ''Introductory Quiz'. Reading the multiple choice answers out loud, with pauses for commas, will help you choose your answer. 


2) Watch the video clip. At 8 minutes and 52 seconds, there are three sentences shared in the video. Make sure you record your own version of the sentences in your book. 


3) Pause the video. Either use a character from the picture below or choose one of your own. Write three sentences which include relative clauses. This will be used in the next lesson.  If you are stuck, look at slide 3 of the slide show for some starting points.


4) Remember to resume the video to review your sentences.  Self mark and edit in a different colour.


5) Finally, complete the exit quiz. Record your score at the bottom of your piece of work for today.



Today's lesson is once again based on estimating capacity. This time, you will need to use even more logic to find out the answers. The objects may be a little more obscure, or you may be missing information.


1. Look through the PowerPoint and have a try at the questions. Try to picture the process of pouring the liquid into the container. Don't worry if it is a little tricky.

2. Choose your Varied Fluency and Reasoning sheets. Remember to mark your work at the end.

Foundation: Music


Today we would like you to get creative with things that you have at home. Using household objects, we would like you to design and make a musical instrument of your choice. It could be based on a musical instrument you already know, for example by making a guitar  out of a cardboard box. Or, you could make a brand new instrument that no one has ever seen before. We will be making a gallery of all the pictures and videos in the week after half term. We can't wait to see them.