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Today you will be comparing the capacity of different containers and comparing, adding and subtracting volumes. 


Work your way through the PowerPoint to help refresh your memory and then have a go at one of the 3 challenges! As always, if the challenge you select is too easy or too difficult, you do not need to finish this challenge before choosing a more appropriate one! 

The questions are numbered so please feel free to write your answers directly into your exercise book rather than print out all the sheets. 

The answers are attached at the end of each worksheet for you (or you parents) to check your answers and see how you got on. 


There is an extension sheet for those of you who are aiming for that mastery level of understanding (children in the Mastery Group - see how many you can do)! 


There is a video link in the PowerPoint which has also been added below individually...definitely worth a watch! 


Optional Practical: 

Can you find different containers around the home and predict which containers have a higher capacity? Can you test your prediction to see if you were right? How might you do this?


We are looking forward to seeing the work you produce! 

It's a trick!!

A common optical illusion on the capacity of different containers and the volume of liquid they can hold.



Today you are going to be poetry detectives and find out more about 'Dragon Song'. As with previous activities there are three challenge levels - *, ** and ***. 


One you have chosen your challenge level, your first task is to decide what type of poem it is. It might not be immediately obvious. We recommend you research examples of each type of poem to decide which category 'Dragon Song' is most likely to fit into. We look forward to hearing your thoughts. 


After this you have some questions to answer. Some are your own opinion and for others you will need to go back and read the poem to discover the answer. 


We have attached some reference posters to help you with some of the poetic terms.


EXTENSION TASK - as an additional challenge, you could create a Poetry Terms Glossary using the posters below to help you with the definitions. 

Poetry Terms Reference Posters



This week we have been learning to spell words with the long /ay/ sound spelt 'eigh' as in 'eight'and 'ei' as in 'vein'.


As tomorrow is a bank holiday, we would like you to ask a grown up to test you on your spellings today. This can be someone in your home or you could call or video chat a family member to test you e.g. Grandma, Grandad, Aunty or Uncle. Afterwards, you can share your results with your teacher on Seesaw, especially if you are very proud!


The list of words can be found on yesterday's page.