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Today you will be undertaking an investigation on parallel and perpendicular lines.


Work your way through the PowerPoint - make sure you have plenty of discussions with your adults so they can help clarify things! 


You will find a worksheet attached and there is an optional extension should you want to do this! The part you must attempt is the parallel and perpendicular lines part.


In the classroom setting, this would be more of a verbally led lesson but to try and provide some guidance for those at home (and in school), a worksheet has been provided. 

We are aware that it may be tricky to show all the lines as the flags could become messy - as a result, you are not expected to show all the lines that are either parallel or perpendicular on each flag and we would encourage plenty of discussion with your adults so they can understand what you are doing and help if you have misunderstood!


As always, an extra extension for those of you who want and extra challenge is also below! 


Today we would like you to use your notes from yesterday to write an explanation text with the title 'How do bees make honey?'. 

Attached is a word mat with useful words including causal connectives (to show how one stage causes or leads to the next stage). 

As an extra challenge, you could draw a diagram that shows one of the stages and think of a suitable caption and/or include a small glossary section (where you give the meanings of technical words you have used in your explanation).


Our focus for this week is on: words with a short /u/ sound spelt 'ou'. 


Today you can flip a coin to see how you will practise the words:

enough, young, touch, double, trouble, country, courage, rough, tough and cousin.