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Thursday 2nd April


Angles as a property of a shape.


Today you will be learning how to identify angles within shapes (the internal angles).


As you work through the PowerPoint, all should become clear and once you reach slide 11, you have a choice to make! 

There is no obligation to do both sheets - choose the one you think would give you the best challenge and have a go at that (although children in the Mastery Booster Group should attempt the second worksheet after completing all the slides on the PowerPoint)!


For those of you going the extra mile, you could also have a go at the problem solving and reasoning sheet below.



Today we would like you to write the story of Monkey Symphony from the perspective of a character of your choice (either of the chimp brothers, the strict Madame music teacher or the gorilla in overalls). You will probably want to re-watch the animation today before you begin writing and you are also welcome to use the story mountain template (below) to record the events in the story and plan your writing.


Incorporate the speech you wrote yesterday and remember: when it comes to direct speech, less is more! It is much better to include a small amount of perfectly punctuated speech than to go overboard, as too much direct speech really slows down the pace of a story. 


Remember the TiP ToP rule for new paragraphs too - we start a new paragraph when there is a change of Time, Place, Topic or Person (including when a new person speaks). You'll recognise the poster below!