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Today you will be moving onto using the column method for subtraction. We will start by looking at some pictorial examples before moving on to more abstract examples that require a place value grid. 

For both today and tomorrow’s lessons, the lesson is almost identical to the addition lesson we have done, but instead of adding each column, you need to remember to subtract! 


Below is a PowerPoint to take you through each step – once you have done this, choose a suitable challenge to complete. If the challenge you choose is too difficult or too easy, feel free to move onto a different challenge! As in school, try your best to complete 10 questions in total. 

There are place value grids for you to print out and use or you can use your Maths homework books again. 




On Friday, you should have looked at the first 4 boxes completed on your plan (plus your setting and character descriptions for inspiration) and written the first half of your story. Today, you will be completing the write-up of your story. Don’t forget to use your RAG rating to check you’ve included everything you need!


We’re really looking forward to sharing these together – we might even use them to create our own class book! 


This afternoon, we would have been looking at Howard Carter – a famous archaeologist who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun. 

The PowerPoint and video required will be attached below tomorrow morning. 

When they are, have a look at the PowerPoint and watch the short video.


You are going to write a diary entry imagining you are Howard Carter. Can you describe what it was like in Egypt/in the Valley? How did you feel when the funding might be stopped? How did your mood change when you found the tomb? What could you see, hear, smell and touch? These will look really good on display in the classroom!