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Year 5 Children's Report Comments

Please remember that we need to receive your report comments so that we can add this onto the school's record of your reports. Please send completed report comments via email to your class teacher - either as a word document or photograph.

English - Balanced Arguments

Today we are beginning our last unit from Oak Academy which is based on writing a balanced argument. This is a genre you will revisit in Year 6. Today our lesson is focused on reading and in particular, comprehension skills.


Follow the instructions from the video- remembering to pause and complete the activities when asked to. Use the 'next activity' or green dots at the bottom of the page to navigate through.


As it is the start of a new unit, begin a new magpie page for balanced arguments. Remember to include words of the day, elements of the success criteria and exciting ideas you have magpied.


If you have any questions or technical issues, send us a message wither via email or on seesaw.


This week our spellings are based on homophones. These are words which sound the same but have different spellings and  meanings.


Can you write a sentence for each spelling word to show you understand the meaning? Or you could write a short paragraph with your spelling words.  Mr Emmerson gives you some ideas in the English video.

Please remember to add two of your own spellings to make your total up to 10.




Today you will be continuing to look at time intervals, this time with timetables.


1. Have a look at the learning reminders. They are still using a number line to help see the jumps needed to get from one time to the other. 

2. Choose your level of Challenge.

Mild: You are given the departure time of the train and how long the journey lasts for. Calculate the time your train will arrive at the new station. 

Hotter: There are two parts of the lesson. You will need to calculate the journey from one station to the other using Timetable A and then Timetable B. 

Have a go at the Bit Stuck section first if you need to.

3. Complete the Check Your Understanding questions. 


Remember to mark your work before putting it onto Seesaw.

Computing - internet safety (15 minutes)

With a grown up - discuss positive and negative attention. Apply your understanding to complete activity 1. For each scenario, explain whether the attention is positive or negative and why.


Activity 2:  Alfie and his band intend to broadcast a live stream of their band. Can you write a message to them to explain what they need to think about so they can stay safe online?

Computing - touch typing (30 minutes)

Today, start from the level you finished on last week to refresh your memory and help your fingers find the right keys. Let's see how many of you can complete all four levels - big push before the summer holidays. Can you do it? Can you build upon your previous learning to complete all four levels?


Level 1 -the home row.

Level 2 - the six  keys above the home row.

Level 3 - the six keys below the home row.

Level 4 - punctuation and the letters x and z.

Each level is split into three parts - ensure you complete each parts of the level before moving on.


Work through at your own pace, focusing on using the correct finger for each letter.  Try to use the activity for 30 minutes.


If you have finished the four levels, try typing something of your choice - it could be your own made up ideas or something copied from a book. Time yourself to se how quickly (and accurately) you can complete your chosen passage.