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Develop an understanding of clocks


This week, we will be revisiting our learning on time. 

Follow the link below for today’s online lesson, watching the video and discussing anything you do not understand with an adult. 


Once you have done this, have a go at the activity. The activity can either be found on the link itself or attached as a separate document below.


There is an extension document also attached below – throughout the week, feel free to attempt any questions from it. 



This week the English activities come from one of Mrs Clark's favourite websites - Pobble365. Each day there will be an interesting image and a set of related tasks:


  • Question Time! Comprehension questions designed to deepen your understanding. You can discuss these with your adults at home.
  • Sentence Challenge! These are grammar and punctuation activities at sentence level. They are an opportunity to practise what you have previously learnt.
  • Sick Sentences! A chance to show off your editing and improving skills. Boring sentences or sentences with mistakes that you need to work your magic on.
  • Perfect picture! An art task where you can set your creativity free.
  • Story Starter! Read this carefully and then continue the text. By now you should be inspired and fired up to create your own writing related to the image!


Each day we would like you to complete at least two activities and over the course of the week we would like you to continue at least two story starters.


We hope you like these resources as much as we do!