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We had the Summer Solstice at the weekend, read through the PowerPoint below to find out more about this.


Below are three different levels of reading comprehension linked to the Summer Solstice. Choose the appropriate challenge for you and make sure to read the text carefully before answering the questions. Refer to the text when answering the questions - it isn't a memory test!! 

 Then use the answers provided to self mark. Remember to edit your answers when necessary.



For today's maths you will be revising your understanding of the different types of triangles. You can refresh your fluency understanding but eventually we would like you to have a go at the mastery questions. If you feel confident with triangles, you do no not need to complete the first section. 


1. Read through the Triangle Recap Powerpoint to remind yourself of the different types of triangles and their properties. You should be able to name the four different types and tell me how you know if a triangle belongs in each category.

2. Complete the worksheet that goes along with the Powerpoint. Tell me which triangle belongs in which group.

3. Read through the second Powerpoint, which has a focus on mastery. The symbols on the right hand side of the Powerpoint will tell you the Challenge. As the submarine appears to get deeper, the harder the challenge will be. Have a try at the best Challenge questions for you.

4. Complete the mastery questions by choosing your level of challenge. Remember to add lots of detail to your answers. 


Foundation - Art/DT

Tying in with the Summer Solstice theme. Have a read through the Sun Burst crafting activity. We hope you enjoy a different style of activity. Please do not forget to take pictures and share them with us on seesaw.

Computing - touch typing (30 minutes)

It has been a few weeks since we last looked at our touch typing skills. I wonder if you have maintained your standard or slipped back a little? Typing is a skill and like all other skills, it needs regular practise.  

Today, start from the level you finished on last time to refresh your memory and help your fingers find the right keys.


Level 1 -the home row.

Level 2 - the six  keys above the home row.

Level 3 - the six keys below the home row.

Level 4 - punctuation and the letters x and z.

Each level is split into three parts - ensure you complete each parts of the level before moving on.


Work through at your own pace, focusing on using the correct finger for each letter.  Try to use the activity for 30 minutes.