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Today we will be looking at drawing and discovering equivalent fractions! 


Follow the link named ‘BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson’ below and watch the 2 videos on the webpage. Remember to check anything you don’t understand with an adult before moving on. 


Once you have done this and are happy, have a look at and complete Activities 1 and 2. There are answer sheets provided so that you can check your answers to see how you get on! 


Finally, for those of you wanting an extra challenge, have a look at the extension sheet! 


We are looking forward to seeing how you all get on.



Your votes have been counted and Talk 4 Writing was the most popular provider for this week's English lessons! Thank you to everyone who voted. 


You may have noticed that the packs are free to use but that Talk 4 Writing ask for donations to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital. We have already made a teacher donation to this cause so that you do not feel obligated to. However, you are very welcome to make an additional donation if you choose to!


This week we are off on a journey to the jungle! Remember you can work through these activities at your own pace throughout the week and if you don't have a printer you can simply copy your work into your exercise book. We look forward to seeing examples of your writing on Seesaw!



This week the focus is on words with a /chuh/ sound spelt 'ture'.


Today you have a word search to complete. If you don't have a printer, you could make a poster of this week's words instead and display it somewhere you will look at it often like your bedroom door or the fridge.