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Today we will be learning about fractions on a number line! 


Follow the link the below named 'BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson' and read the information provided on the webpage carefully. Discuss anything you do not fully understand with an adult. 


Once you have done this, have a go at Activity 1. Choose a suitable challenge from 1 star to 3 stars - remember you do not need to finish a sheet before changing onto a different one should you find the first sheet you choose too easy or difficult. 

Don't forget to check your answers with the answer sheet provided! 


After this, have a go at Activity 2 which can be found on the BBC Bitesize page or on the link below named 'Activity 2 - fractions on a number line'. 


Finally, try Activity 3 which is an online game where you will need to apply your knowledge from today's lesson. Again, it can be found on the BBC Bitesize webpage or, alternatively, there is a link below which will take you to the game directly. 


For those of you looking for an extra challenge, have a go at the extension sheet.


We hope you enjoy your lesson!



This week we have something a little different for you. Below you will find a Talk for Writing English pack that has a week's worth of activities to work through (so be sure to pace yourselves!). If you don't have a printer, you can simply copy your work into your exercise book.


The theme is Trolls (think cave trolls rather than the big hair, glittery kind!) and you will be working towards writing your own non-chronological report at the end of the week.


We look forward to receiving examples of your work on Seesaw!



Spelling and Grammar


This week we will be looking at adding the suffix -ly to make adverbs.