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World Ocean Day

Today marks World Oceans Day and we have decided that all the work you complete today will be linked to this theme. This means the start of our day is a little different. Before we share some information with you, complete the "my thoughts and ideas" activity sheet. Be as honest you can about the questions it asks you.


You will have chance to find out more about World Oceans Day with the reading comprehension below. Please choose the appropriate challenge level for you and read the text carefully several times before committing your answers to paper. You can self mark using the answer sheet at the end of each challenge level.



This week we will begin to look at the angles of shapes. Today we will focus on looking at angles on a straight line. We know that a right angle is equivalent to 90*. If I took that right angle and moved my horizontal line to meet the verticle line, I would have double the angle from before. Now I have 180* instead of 90*


Follow and complete the Powerpoint tasks.

1. Which angles would you need to add together to make a right angle?

2. How many ways can you break down 180* into smaller, equal parts?

3. Which angles would you need to add together to make 180*?


Instead of adding the angles together, we can write it as a subtraction. 180* minus one of the angles must equal the other angle which you would need to add for. For example, I would I have 120*. 180-120 must equal my missing angle.


Chose between 1 star, 2 star and 2 star.


For 1 star, subtract your known angle from 180* to find out the missing angle.

For the 2 star, you have two known angles. The whole line needs to equal 180*. Add up the angles that you know, and then subtract this from 180.

For the 3 star, you have lots of known angles. The whole line needs to equal 180*. Add up the angles that you know, and then subtract this from 180. 


Next step: Have a look at the reasoning questions.


 We have included a list of different activities based on World Ocean Day to complete. Try to aim for at least two but of course you may choose to complete more. 

Activity 1

Read through the comic book below. You could either:

Create a fact file about a creature that lives in the bottom of the ocean.


Create a fact file about a deep sea explorer or a deep sea submarine.

Activity 2

Using the instructions in the document below, reuse a plastic bottle and re-purpose it into a bird feeder!!

Activity 3

Plastic bottles are often used once and then never recycled. Imagine you have invented the plastic bottle but try and convince people that it has other uses as well. Think about what you could do to your bottle and try to persuade me to want to buy one. You can give more than one reason in your answer but make sure you are using persuasive techniques. Use the picture below to help you but try to come up with your own ideas as well. 

Activity 4

Using the above picture for inspiration, how could you reuse a plastic bottle for a different purpose? Can you design and make a new item from a plastic bottle to prevent it becoming recycled - or even worse, land fill?

Activity 5

Have a read of the PowerPoint. Why is World Ocean day important? What can we do to make changes for the future. Make some notes from the slides and share them with someone else - perhaps you could tell a family member about it over the telephone.

Activity 6

Select ONE of the five oceans from the "Ocean Fact File worksheet" to research about. You will need to search on the internet and in books you may have at home. There will be time tomorrow afternoon to complete this task.