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This week in Maths, we will be revisiting Fractions! 


Follow the link below named 'BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson' and watch the two video clips on the webpage. Once you have done this, be sure to read all of the information carefully - ask an adult if you are not sure of anything! 


Your first activity can be found on the same webpage and will quickly test your knowledge before you attempt today's Activity 2, which is the worksheet named 'What is a fraction?'. 

Don't forget to check your answers before you move on to Activity 3! 


For Activity 3, you can find this on the BBC Bitesize webpage too - however, if it is easier, a link below named 'Activity 3 - Whizz Education Fraction Questions' will take you to the activity directly! 


For those of you who want to push yourselves further, have a look at the problem solving and reasoning questions below! 



We are going back to Oak National Academy for our English lessons this week and the focus is on Character Description.


As you have all become so familiar with the way these lessons are structured, we will just be posting the links for the daily lessons each day. If you have any questions, please contact us via Seesaw or by email. Enjoy!



After receiving such positive feedback about our reading activities the week before half term, we have planned another week of reading fun!


Today we would like you to share your book with someone at home. Record how many pages you have read in your reading record if you have it at home. Then we would like you to design your own bookmark. You can use whatever paper or card you already have at home or there is a printable template below.