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This week in Maths we will be revising 'Money' starting with 'Converting Pounds and Pence'! 


Follow the link named 'BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson' and watch the 2 videos on the webpage.

Whilst you are there, have a go at both Activity 1 and Activity 2 for some virtual practise before trying the worksheet attached below! 


If you would like a further challenge to the Activity 3 worksheet, why don't you have a go at the extension sheet too?


We hope you enjoy your first Maths lesson this week! 



This week we are heading back to Oak National Academy where the focus will be on writing instructions.


In the first lesson, we are going to learn how to retrieve information using a set of instructions. 


For a change we have decided to have a break from spellings and instead we are setting a week of reading challenges!


Today we would like you to choose a new book (remember there are over 100 free ebooks at Oxford Owl – link below) or take the one you are currently reading and we want you to find an unusual place to read it in your home/garden. We would love to make a collage of your extreme reading photos so be sure to add them to Seesaw!