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Well done to everyone who learnt and tested themselves on their spellings last week. If you had any errors in your test, add these to your list for this week. 


This week, we are going to use the spellings featured in our English lesson - these are the Year 5 able suffix words.  Add two further spellings from the Year 5/6 or Year 3/4 spelling lists to create a list of 10 spellings.


Can you record each of these words in a sentence or all of them in a short paragraph to demonstrate your understanding of their meaning?


This week we are moving on from setting description to character description. Today we will focus on reading skills and retrieving information from a character description.


1)  Start a new Magpie Page. Use a whole page to make your notes today. Leave the rest of the page blank so you can come back and add to it later in the week. You may want to use different colour pens or pencils.


2) Watch the video clip. Read along with the video.  Remember to add the word of the day to your Magpie Page as well as any other exciting or new vocabulary.  Follow the video carefully and actively take part in the lesson. 


3) Pause the video to answer the fact retrieval questions found in the slide show. Read the text carefully- remember all the answers are in the text.  There are 6 questions to answer including some true or false questions - make sure you apply today's teaching tips when answering these! 


4) Resume the video to review your answers.  Self mark and edit in a different colour.


5) Complete the exit quiz. Record your score at the end of your piece of work.




This week we will be looking at measuring the volume of shapes. When we measured 2D shapes, we found the area by multiplying the width by the height. When measuring 3D shapes, we find the volume by taking the area of one of the sides and multiplying it by the depth. It means we can find out how much space is in the whole shape.

Today you will be focusing on counting to find the volume, you may choose to multiply instead. Remember that we will be looking at this all week. Don't worry if it is tricky at first.


1. Watch the video shown on the Powerpoint. It introduces counting or multiplying 1cm cubes to find the volume.

2. Look at the 3D shapes on the Powerpoint. Make sure you look carefully at how many cubes you can see. Add them up to find the volume. Or multiply the area of the 2D shape by the depth. 

3. Complete the Varied Fluency and Reasoning questions. Choose the worksheet that you are most comfortable with. Make sure with your reasoning questions that you are explaining your answer rather than just writing correct or incorrect.


If you choose the Red Challenge, count your cubes carefully as there may be some missing.


Computing - internet safety (15 minutes)

With a grown up - watch Film 2 - 'Who's Magnus?' from the 'Think You Know..' website.  This is the same video clip as last week.


After watching the video, use the prompts from activity 1 to discuss the video clip with your adult.

Then complete the 'Who should Ellie turn to?' task with your adult. Decide whether the person described is a good person for Ellie to talk to.


Activity 2: write a message to Ellie, advising her on what she could do after she saw the mean comments that she thinks Sam has posted.

Computing - touch typing (30 minutes)

Today we are going to continue with our touch typing skills with the BBC Dance Mat Typing website. If you have been working on your typing skills over the past few weeks, continue from where you finished last time. If you haven't started yet, begin with Level 1.


Level 1 -the home row.

Level 2 - the six  keys above the home row.

Level 3 - the six keys below the home row.

Level 4 - punctuation and the letters x and z.

Each level is split into three parts - ensure you complete each parts of the level before moving on.


Work through at your own pace, focusing on using the correct finger for each letter.  Try to use the activity for 30 minutes.