The Tyrrells School

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This week we will be revising multiplication and division. Today our focus will be: multiplying and dividing by 8.


Have a look at the link below: 

You will find a short PowerPoint to look at and some worksheets (which have also been attached separately for you below)! 


Choose a challenge that you think would be suitable for you from 1 star to 3 stars. The answers are attached at the end of each worksheet for you. 


We look forward to seeing how much you remember and how you get on! 



This week you are going to continue your learning about poetry! We are excited to be using resources by the Government approved Oak National Academy! The inspiration for this week’s lesson is the poem, ‘The Sound Collector’ by Roger McGough.


At the end of this week you will write your own ‘Sound Collector’ poem and you will go on a sound scavenger hunt around your home! But before that, you will look at some existing poems to learn from them.


Today you need some paper and a pen to hand and a device with access to the internet. Use the link below to find the lesson video from Oak National Academy teacher Mr Phillips and the accompanying activities. You will need to pause and resume the video in order to complete the activities. The focus of the activities today is on reading comprehension skills.


(Please note: Mr Phillips uses the word 'verse' in place of 'stanza' in his lesson. Both words can be used to describe a group of lines in a poem.)




This week your focus is on words with the long /ai/ sound spelt ‘ey’


hey, they, obey, grey, prey, whey, survey, convey, disobey, purvey


First read through the slides in the PowerPoint attached. You may want to clarify the meaning of any new or unfamiliar words at this stage using the internet or a dictionary.


Then we would like you to complete the Word Search below. If you don’t have a printer, you could create a poster of this week’s words instead. Why not try different lettering styles like: capitals, bubble writing or curly writing?