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Well done to everyone who learnt and tested themselves on their spellings last week. If you didn't get chance to test yourself (due to the Bank Holiday) don't worry - you can do it today.


If you had any errors in your test, these are the first spellings on your list for this week. 

Choose words from either the Year 5/6 or Year 3/4 word list to create a total of 10 spellings.


If you got all your spellings correct last week, congratulations.  Choose 10 new spellings for this week from either the Year 5/6 or Year 3/4 word list.


Once you have identified your 10 spellings, write a sentence using them in context to demonstrate you understand their meaning.  Remember to show your chosen words by underlining them. 


This week, we are using different resources for English.  Please read the instructions before starting!

Follow the link below to today's lesson on factual retrieval from a text. You will find there are a series of activities which you can move through by either clicking the green 'next activity' on the bottom right of your screen or by clicking through the green dots towards the bottom of the page.  You will need sound to listen to the lesson being taught in the video.


Before you begin - create a Magpie page in your book. Each day there will be new words to add to your page. You can also note down any words or phrases from the texts covered to help with your own writing at the end of the week.


Firstly, there is a quiz to encourage you to consider how you approach reading comprehension questions. Order the instructions using the drop down menu into 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.

Either click next activity or use the green dots to move on.


Secondly, there is a video clip to watch, which you can pause at any time.  The text is 'The Hobbit' by J.R.R. Tolkein. Whilst reading / listening to the text, note down any new or exciting vocabulary on your Magpie page.  The video explains how to find and fetch information from the text to answer questions.  There is a 7 point check list - remember to apply this during your activity.  Did you add the word 'fond' to your Magpie Page?


Thirdly, there is an activity for you to complete. Use the left and right arrows on your keyboard (or click forwards and backwards on the bottom left of the slides). When answering the questions, refer back to the text. It is not a memory test.  There are 6 questions to complete. You can record your answers in your home learning book.  After the questions, there is a spelling task based upon the suffix able.


Once you have finished your questions, resume the video by clicking the green 'resume video' button at the top right of your screen. This will guide you through the answers and strategies for self marking.  The video talks about sharing your work - you can upload your work onto seesaw for your class teacher.


Before you finish, there is an exit quiz. Read the text carefully. Apply your 7 point checklist for answering questions to complete the three questions at the end of the lesson.


Today you need to use your understanding of converting between millilitres and litres to reading scales. If you choose to do the A part you won't need to worry about converting. If you found reading scales tricky last week, then focus on A. Make sure you read your number line carefully. What is each line worth? What is the difference between the first numbered line and the last numbered line? Remember that you need to find the difference and then divide it by the amount of lines in order to know what each line is worth. 

Computing - internet safety (15 minutes)

With a grown up - watch the video from the 'Think You Know..' website.  Only watch the second video - 'Who's Magnus?'

After watching the video, use the prompts from activity 1 to discuss the video clip with your adult.

Activity 2 focuses on what is OK to share online. Have a look at each of the scenarios with your adult - decide on whether: it's OK to share, not OK to share or it depends..... If you choose 'it depends...' discuss with your adult what does sharing depend upon.

Computing - touch typing (30 minutes)

Being able to type your work quickly and accurately on a computer keyboard is a vital skill.  Use the link below to access touch typing sessions. There are four levels to work through over a period of time. Each level is split into three stages. If you have been working on your typing skills over the past two weeks, continue from where you finished last time. If you haven't started yet, begin with level 1 which begins with the home row. Level 2 moves on the six  keys above the home row.

Level 3 extends to the six keys below the home row.


Work through at your own pace, focusing on using the correct finger for each letter.  Try to use the activity for 30 minutes.