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During today's lesson, you will be introduced to the concept of mass. 


There is a very short PowerPoint for you to have a look at - when you are having a look at the example questions, make sure you have a lot of discussion with an adult or partner to ensure that you have a solid understanding. 

Remember to look carefully at the scales as the numerical jump between each line may not be the same moving from question to question. 


There are different levels of sheets for you to choose from (green being the easiest and red being the hardest) and while you can choose to complete all the sheets, you are only expected to complete one 'Reading the Scale' sheet and one 'Drawing the Pointer' sheet.  

If you begin a sheet but are finding it too easy or too difficult, feel free to stop that sheet and choose a more appropriate challenge.


Remember to be as accurate as possible when you are drawing your pointers! 


NB:// There is no RED sheet for drawing pointers. 



Using the kitchen scales, can you find the mass of different objects around your home? 

See if you can draw a table in your book to help record your findings. 


For the next two weeks, we will be focusing on Performance Poetry.


Today we would like to you read the poem 'Dragon Song'. If the whole poem is too tricky to read, you could ask an adult to read it to you and then you could choose one stanza (a paragraph or verse in poetry) to focus on.

We would like you to prepare to perform this poem to a family member tomorrow. Today is all about practising and thinking about how to make your performance really powerful. You will find a resource below to help you with this. You could read the poem in the mirror or even to your pets! Or you could record your rehearsals and play them back to yourself to really perfect your performance. 


Over the next three weeks, we will be looking at some of the different ways you can spell the long /ay/ sound.


This week our focus is on ‘eigh’ as in ‘eight’ and 'ei' as in 'vein'. Today we would like you to create a colourful poster of the ten words below and display it somewhere in your house where you will look at it often e.g. the fridge or your bedroom door. At the end of the week, we will be suggesting you ask a grown up to test you on the words so try your best to learn them over the course of the week.


Eight, eighth, eighty, weight, neighbour, vein, veil, beige, sleigh, freight.