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This week will be our final week on Shape. 

Today you will be looking at accurately measuring the perimeters of different 2D shapes! 


First, have a look at the PowerPoint to refresh your memory on what a perimeter is and how to use your ruler for the most accurate results. 

When you have done that, have a go at the sheet provided. Parents - please ensure the sheet is printed at 100% (or 'actual size') to ensure the shape sizes remain accurate! All shapes on this worksheet should be whole numbers (no decimals). 


If you do not have access to a ruler, you can find attached below a document that has a printable to-scale ruler. Again, remember to print at 100%/'actual size' to ensure the measurements are accurate! 


If you do not have access to a printer but you do have a ruler, see if your parents can draw some simple 2D shapes into your exercise book for you to measure. 


If you do not have access to a printer or a ruler, have a look at the worksheet 'I do not have a printer or ruler' and answer these questions into your exercise books. 


This week we are revising Non-Chronological Reports which you covered in the Autumn Term. A non-chronological report is written about a single topic and has a range of different facts or information about the topic.


Today we would like you to read a non-chronological report on Garden Birds and answer the comprehension questions about it. There are 3 challenge levels to choose from with differentiated  texts and questions - look for the stars at the bottom left of the pages which indicate the challenge level. 


This week we are revisiting a spelling objective previously covered in the Autumn Term. Our focus will be on 'Homophones and Near Homophones' (words that sound the same or similar but have different spellings).


Today we would like you to read through the attached PowerPoint presentation and then have a go at the Word Search. Remember if you don't have a printer, you could create your own Word Search on paper and give it to a family member to complete.