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Choose 10 words from either the Year 5/6 or Year 3/4 word list to learn this week.  Today, identify your 10 spellings and write a sentence using them in context to demonstrate you understand their meaning.  Remember to show your chosen words by underlining them. 


Our focus today is relative clauses. We have covered relative clauses in class so this should be revision.

Firstly, read the poem 'Superheroes I Could Have Been'.  What do you like / dislike about the poem? What patterns can you spot?  Are there any unknown words which you need to find the meaning of?

Secondly, take a look at the powerpoint and revision cards - these will remind you about relative pronouns and relative clauses.  

Remember relative pronouns are - which, who, where, when, whose and that.

Relative clauses are additional information added to a sentence beginning with a relative clause.  Relative clauses do not make sense on their own.


If a clause is inserted within a sentence (an embedded clause) we surround the clause with two commas. For example: Mrs Brown, who lived next door, had twelve cats.

Mrs Brown had twelve cats - this is the main clause.

Who lived next door - is the relative clause. It doesn't make sense on its own.


If relative clauses are added after the main clause, the comma is not needed.

Mrs Brown lived next door where she had twelve cats.

Mrs Brown lived next door - this is the main clause.

Where she had twelve cats - this is the relative clause. It doesn't make sense on its own.


Using 'Superheroes 1' highlight the relative pronoun in one colour and the relative clause in another.  Move on to 'Superheroes 2'.  Add relative clauses to the sentences. Remember to check your comma use. You will also need to check your capital letters as these often get forgotten when we are focused on commas!


Challenge yourself to try 'Superheroes 3' which requires you to make up your own clauses and whole sentences.


Optional extras:

Write a paragraph about a super hero from the poem or a well known superhero.  Remember to include relative clauses with commas if necessary.

Using the details from the poem, illustrate a superhero and label with their super powers.


We are going to begin our measurement unit over the next few weeks. We have already looked at finding the area and perimeter of shapes. Now we will be looking at different units of measure and making conversions between them. In order to be as prepared as possible, we would like you to begin with another look at multiplying and dividing a number by 10, 100 and 1000.

We know that when we multiply a number by another whole number our number gets bigger. Therefore, all our digits move towards the left of the place value grid. When we divide a number by another whole number, our number gets smaller and the digits move towards the right. Have a look through the powerpoint to remind yourselves.

How many spaces to the left or right depends on what you are multiplying or dividing by. How many jumps would you need to move if you were multiplying or dividing by 10? What about 100 or 1000? Use the powerpoint to help you. 

We have also included a blank place value grid to use as well. 

The worksheet is in three different sections. PLEASE DO NOT COMPLETE PAGE 4. You can choose whether you want to start on page 1,2 or 3. You may want to only complete one or two pages, or you might want to complete all three. 

Computing - touch typing (30 minutes)

Being able to type you work quickly and accurately on a computer keyboard is a vital skill.  Use the link below to access touch typing sessions. There are four levels to work through over a period of time. Each level is split into three stages.  Start with level 1 - to remind you which fingers should be used for the letters in the home row.  Work through at your own pace, focusing on using the correct finger for each letter.  Try to use the activity for 30 minutes.

Computing - Internet safety (15 minutes)

With a grown up - watch the video from the 'Think You Know..' website.  Only watch the first video - 'Block him right good, Alfie'.

After watching the video, use the prompts from the parent activity sheet to discuss the questions with your grown-up at home.

Design a poster for Sam, Ellie and Alfie's new band  - 'Selfie'.  Can you display the talents and personality of each of the characters? Remember to load up your pictures onto Seesaw for us to see.