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Read the poem 'I am a writer'. What patterns and rhythms can you hear?

Use the 'Reflection Prompts' sheet to think about the poem.

Watch the video clip - 'How to perform poetry'.  Identify some tips to improve your poetry performance.

Practice your performance of 'I am a writer.'

Perform your performance to someone or your choice. 


Optional extra: 

You could add a video recording of your poetry performance to your Seesaw account for you teacher to see!


Today for maths we will be revising Highest Common Factors (HCF) and Lower Common Factors (LCF)  Remember that a factor is a number which divides exactly into the number given.  The HCF is the highest number which divides into the group of numbers given. The LCF is the lowest number which divides into a group of numbers given.  Remember to draw your factor bugs if you are unsure.

We will also be looking at the Lowest Common Multiple which is the lowest number in the timestables for the number given. So 10 is the Lowest Common Multiple of 2 and 5.


Read the reminder sheets.

Choose either the mild or hot task - remember hot is the harder task.  If you are finding these tough, scroll through the file to find - 'A bit stuck?' task.

Use the answers to self mark your work.

Move on to the 'Check understanding' task - remember to fold the sheet in half or only scroll down half way so you can't see the answers!!


Optional extension:

Try the investigation task - make sure you check all the columns and rows when you think you've finished. It may help to write the numbers on scrap pieces of paper and move them around before writing them down.

Can you arrange all the numbers?  Is there more than one solution?



Foundation: RE
Our RE topic this term is based on Hinduism. Just like every worldwide religion, Hindu's have their own understanding of how the world began. Read through the Hinduism creation story. Tell this to your grown up in your own words. Then create a story board to show the detail of what happened.