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Welcome Back!

We hope you have all had an enjoyable and relaxing two weeks at home with your families! We have really enjoyed planning fun and challenging learning tasks for you this week and can’t wait to see your wonderful work appearing on Seesaw. 

Reminder - Holiday Reading Challenge 

Hopefully you have all remembered the reading challenge set by Mrs Daines before the Easter break and you been busy reading throughout the holidays. This is a reminder to send your book reviews to us by email as soon as possible. We are very much hoping that Winston the Reading Worm is awarded to a Year 3 class this time!


Since it has been the Easter break, the aim of today's lesson is simply to recap everything we have learnt in our shape topic so far before continuing to build on this knowledge! 


Work your way through the PowerPoint below to recap the properties we have looked at so far. 

Once you have done that - there is an activity sheet for you have a go at! 

You can either choose to print out the sheets and complete it as a cutting and sticking activity or, alternatively, you can simply draw it (and the letters that represent each shape) directly into your exercise book. 


If you fancy an extra challenge, have a look at the extension questions attached to your worksheet!


Your task today is to write a recount of your Easter break. You should aim to write in chronological order (in the order that events took place) where your memory will allow! We would also like you to organise your writing in paragraphs and  include examples of both subordinating and co-ordinating conjunctions in your recount too. Attached are posters from previous lessons that should remind you of how to include these in your writing. We look forward to hearing about what you have all been up to!


Each week we will be giving you a new spelling pattern to learn. Every day you will be set a different activity to help you learn a list of words that follow this pattern.

This week you will be looking at words with a short /u/ sound spelt 'ou'.

Today you should work through the attached presentation and then complete the word search. If you don't have a printer, you could create your own word search for someone in your family to complete.