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From the four articles about fish with accents choose to read either 1 & 3 or 2 & 4.


Revise the key features of a newspaper report using the guide in the pack.  Using the article you preferred reading, highlight / colour the features in the newspaper.  Either create a key for the colours used or include annotations. Does your newspaper contain all the features? Does it have anything missing? Is the style formal or chatty?


Using the 'Reading Questions' sheet, answer questions based upon style, reliability, clarity and purpose & audience.  Refer back to the two articles you have read.  There is no expectation that you will have read all four articles.


Finally, read the 'Ripley's Believe It or Not' headline stories.  Choose at least three to create headlines for.  Each headline story requires two headlines, one formal and the other chatty.  Think back to the work we have done in class about headlines.  They need to reflect the story and catch the readers attention.  Techniques used include - repetition, alliteration, onomatopoeia, exaggeration, word play or puns.

Optional extra:

Visit Ripley's website (link below) and find other surprising stories.  Tell some one at home about the most amazing story you can find.

Reading for pleasure

Wow! It's Friday already and time to settle back and enjoy reading for pleasure. Today, either spend some time reading something which you enjoy - this could be (but not limited to)  a book, magazine, newspaper, recipe or non-fiction text online.


Alternatively, tune into David Walliams on the web link below. He is releasing a free audio book each day at 11am. Download it and listen to it wherever you feel comfortable and relaxed.  Last Friday I enjoyed listening to 'Windy Mindy' with the children at school.  We had a good giggle, especially at the sound effects! 


Today we thought we would give you the opportunity to come away from the computer screen and spend some time with an adult. I've attached a link of some maths games that you can play at home. They might involve printing things off or you could make the pieces yourself. You could choose a game that is based on an area of maths you are really confident in, or you could choose a game that requires you to work on something you need more practice with. Of course if you have another maths game that you play at home you could play that instead.

Foundation - RE

How do Christians mark each of the significant dates around Easter? How is this similar / different to other countries around the world?  Create a table to show your findings for at least 4 countries around the world. The PowerPoint contains some details, although you can choose to carry out your own research for additional information or to find out about other countries and their traditions.