The Tyrrells School

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Our English lesson today has a grammar focus. Follow the first two Powerpoints which show how to convert adjectives to nouns by adding the suffixes ate, ify and ise.


For the warm up PowerPoint, click on the words to reveal the answers and spelling rules when in presentation mode.


Choose a task based upon your confidence. You might find you can try a second activity too.


Then, apply your knowledge with the third PowerPoint.


Yesterday you spent some time revising all the spellings you had been learning. Did you find that you had stored them in your long term memory or had they fallen out of your head?


Today, ask your adult at home to test you on 10 words at random from the spelling lists posted on our class page yesterday.  Choose from the four sets of Oak Academy spellings or the national Year 3/4 or 5/6 words that you have been working on.

How many did you remember?



Today we will be looking at reflecting 2D shapes. Read through the Powerpoint (follow the instructions for each slide).

1. Can you see a perfect reflection on the first few slides? 

2. Look at slide 12. For each corner of the shape, count how far away it is from the mirror line. Mark your points as you complete all of the corners, and then join them together. All of your corners should be the same distance away from the mirror line as its reflection.

3. Choose your level of challenge to complete. 

Foundation - Outdoor Learning.

This week, our focus for Outdoor Learning is 'Whatever the Weather'.  This week can you investigate what happens to puddles over a period of time? You might need to create your own puddle using some water. Can you make your own weather station with a container to measure rainfall and a pointer to show wind direction?

Can you find different materials and find out which type of material are most suitable for light showers or heavy downpours? You will have to create the rain - perhaps with a watering can with a sprinkler.

Which materials are best for absorbing and reflecting the sun? Leave them outside in the sunshine to see what happens. What do you notice about the types of materials and the different colours?

Perhaps you could try cloud gazing - try tying on the ground or looking out the window to see if you can spot pictures in the clouds. Can you make up a story about them. Watch how the clouds change over time.